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New Haven airport transportation/executive car service/luxury limousine to JFK-LGA-EWR-HPN-NY-CT

New Haven county airport transportation/executive car service/luxury limousine to JFK-LGA-EWR-HPN-NY-CT
Limo Etiquette You and Your Party Should Know About Before You Rent One

Limousine-car-service-airport-transportation-cheap-affordable-ride-corporate-executive-luxury: Introduction

Traveling by limo can be a fun, magical time. I have done it once or twice. You do feel like royalty, in a way. However, there is one thing that can happen to turn your good trip into a bad one. You have to follow the rules. There are rules that passengers need to follow when they rent one.

Limousine-car-service-airport-transportation-cheap-affordable-ride-corporate-executive-luxury: Five Tips On Using Proper Etiquette When Using Limo Services

You should notify the company ahead of time regarding the number of people in your party, whether business or personal. That gives the company time to figure out which limo is the safest and most affordable to use. Something you can do is get a rough estimate before you sign the contract. That way you know how much money you need for the trip.

Do you have any last minute changes in a plan?

You should call the company as soon as you know the details. It is a bad protocol to wait until the driver picks you up to let them know. Renting a limo or executive car service to and from the airport is a two-way street. You should treat the driver the same way you would want to be treated.

There is a right and wrong way to enter and exit the limo.

a) You let the driver get the door at all times. You may be fully capable of getting the door, but it is bad manners to do it yourself. Part of the limo service is helping with the door.

b) You may prefer the window seat, but you should take the first seat open. You also should keep your legs inside. In other words, do not block any incoming traffic.

FYI: The littlest things leave the biggest impressions. I know it is exciting, but do not sit there and throw a big party inside.

Limo service may give you the feeling of royalty, but you do have rules you need to follow. Tip one: You always leave the limo the way you found it.

What happens if the limo is looking untidy when you enter? Do your best to clean things up and leave the inside looking spotless. There have been drivers who slap their passengers with a cleaning bill. I am not kidding.

“Keep it clean, people. Let’s Keep it clean.”
Grease, 1978

Tipping the driver is a must for any and all passengers. Some say it is customary to leave a 10-15% tab. I guess it depends on how special the occasion is. Those who are driving for business from the airport can leave the 10-15% gratuity. Those who rent a limo from the airport for a party should leave 20%.

FYI: Pay the tip after each ride.

Some like to rent a limo for parties. That is okay, as long as you get your “extras” approved by the company. In other words, your alcohol needs to be pre-approved by the luxury limo service you use at the time.

a)Smoking is bad manners. You can wait to light up until after you have reached your destination in CT or JFK.

b)You should also be careful at the language you and your party use in the limo. The driver does have the right to halt the transportation if you use harsh or threatening language.

Accurate Info = Good Ride

All your reservation details are very important

Date and Time

Flight info
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Exactly address
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To confirm your reservation you
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